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Cloth tapes

Single-sided cloth tapes:


Basic and the most universal repair tape. Available colours: red, blue.


Tape of the duct tape type for more demanding users. Small thickness and very dense regularly set braid. Thanks to that, the tape is very easy to apply. The duct tape is very strong, elastic, and durable.


Waterproof cloth tape covered with PE available in red, blue, black, white, green, and yellow. Great value for money. A characteristic property of this tape is its high resistance to abrasion.


Exceptionally resistant tape made for use outside of buildings. Works great in all renovation works such as, for example, plastering walls. The large amount of adhesive makes it possible to stick the tape onto most surfaces, for example plaster, adhesive, brick, hollow brick, stone, facades, window frames, etc.


Densely woven, thick and strong tape in a matte version, thanks to which it does not reflect light. It is a product used for example in theatres for joining elements of set design, mounting elements of the sound system, lights, cabling, for marking areas, etc. Available colours: black, blue, green, yellow, white.

Double-sided cloth tapes:


Tape characterised by its high adhesion. Used for joining textile fabrics, plastics, for installing carpeting, and for other technical uses.


Cloth tape with a honey-coloured paper liner. It is a strong tape with very high adhesion. Used for bonding fabrics, plastics, carpetings. It is very easy to apply and can be torn off by hand.

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