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Foil tapes

Single-sided foil tapes:


Used for repairing, joining, and sealing various kinds of foil. For short periods of time (30 days) can be also used as protective tape. Used for repairing polytunnels.


Protective tape that leaves no adhesive residue after removal. Can be used for protecting glass, LCD displays, casings, etc.


Stiffening mounting strip for the production of roller blinds. Very aggressive, reinforced adhesive with immediate adhesion to textile materials.


Stiffening strip for the production of pleated blinds. Its standard sizes are 15 mm, 16 mm, and 17 mm.


Parcel tape reinforced longitudinally with glass fibre. Foil tape, commonly called a longitudinal filament tape. Designed for packing heavy packages and cardboard boxes. The reinforcement of the filament tape protects against tearing off.


Packing tape cross-reinforced with glass fibre. Foil tape, commonly called a cross filament tape. Designed for packing heavy packages and carton boxes. The cross reinforcement protects against tearing off of the filament tape.


Tapes for marking out communication routes, product storage areas, dangerous areas in warehouses and in production halls. Available in white, black, yellow, green, blue, red, yellow-and-black.


Tape for temporarily nullifying road signs. Available in the form of rolls 50 mm and 75 mm in width.


Used in the process of masking during powder coating, laminating glass, sublimation. Leaves no adhesive residue after removal.


Masking tape resistant to very high temperatures up to 268°C. Used in the electronics industry, for example in the production of PCB boards, 3D printing, during hot air soldering.


PREMIUM non-slip tapes for the use outside and inside. Designed to decrease the risk of slipping in dangerous areas. Available in various colours and sizes.


Magnetic tapes with a strong acrylic adhesive used mainly in advertising. The tapes are available in the thickness 1,5 mm and in the widths 12,7 mm, 20 mm, and 25,4 mm.


Fine-line tape, masking tape designed for cutting in colours. Excellent adhesion to different types of surfaces (liquid does not get under the tape), leaves no residue after removal, is elastic and adapts to the surface it is being used on. The tape is used in coating works. Has the RoHs and REACH certificate of conformity.


Strapping tape made of polypropylene foil. Very high resistance to tearing off, stretching, UV rays, and temperatures. Rubber cement ensures good adhesion, but the tape can be removed without leaving an adhesive residue. Strapping tape is used for securing and protecting surfaces in transport, for example pallets, household appliances, and in the furniture industry.


Adhesive aluminium tape reinforced with a mesh with a high-quality acrylic adhesive ensuring extra strong adhesion and holding strength. The low water vapour permeability rate makes it an excellent vapour barrier. Perfect for uses in the HVAC industry.

Prismatic reflective tapes

Self-adhesive single-sided film tapes classified as health and safety tapes. Tapes made of reflective prismatic film. They are available in several colors: white, yellow, red and with black and yellow stripes. Reflective prismatic tapes improve the visibility of elements such as road infrastructure, vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers.

Double-sided foil tapes:


“Banner” tapes available in thicknesses from 0,09 mm to 0,22 mm. Characterised by high resistance to weather conditions and high temperatures (for short periods of time up to 200°C).


Clear tape with a very aggressive adhesive with high adhesion strength (even on low-energy surfaces).


Basic double-sided adhesive tape designed for joining smooth surfaces, positioning elements, and for other industrial uses.


Tape with a varied adhesive that is easily removed on the open side and stronger on the side protected with a liner.

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