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UV Adhesives

UV Adhesives for glass and plastics

They are used for small and big construction works as well as in advertising. They are effective at joining different kinds of surfaces.

UV Adhesives

Exceptionally strong joins, transparent seam


UV Adhesives for glass

Thin, perfectly transparent UV Adhesive for bonding glass to glass.

A thin version of a UV adhesive for glass, which bonds surfaces that are fitted together (for example polished edges) or fills thin cracks up to 0,2 mm (cracks in cracked panes of glass).

UV Adhesives for plastics

Translucent UV Adhesive for bonding PVC, PW and other plastics.

An adhesive hardened by UV rays. The bonding time of the adhesive depends on the proper selection of the intensity and length of the rays of the UV lamp. For the adhesive to bond, one of the bonded surfaces has to be transparent.

We also recommend:

Chusteczki primer

Priming agent

It is a good idea to protect the surfaces with the KlejTo priming agent so that they are clean and ready for the use of an adhesive material. The product is an additional base for the adhesive and aids the adhesion process.
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Chusteczka czyszczaca

KlejTo wipes

Before using an adhesive material, the surfaces must always be properly cleaned. The best way to do this will be to use the KLEJTO wipes thanks to which you will prepare the surfaces quickly and conveniently.
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