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EPAT sp. z o. o. specialises in the manufacture, conversion and sale of technical adhesive materials.

We work with suppliers from Europe as well as with ones from countries in the Far East. We have years of experience in the industry, therefore we know what are the Clients’ expectations. Our wide offer of single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes as well as adhesives for industry makes it possible to select the best products for specific uses.

Thanks to our own production facilities, we can create completely new products adapted to the individual needs of our contracting parties.

In 2019, we extended our activity to include the production of wipes saturated with different agents and individually wrapped in sachets. We produce them with the logos of our clients on the packaging as well as under our own brands: EPAT, KlejTo, Czysta rączka.

Our speciality:

- foam tapes (PE, EVA, EPDM)
- foil tapes (PE, PP, PET)
- nonwoven fabric tapes (interlining)
- foamed acrylic adhesive tapes (gel)
- transfer tapes (adhesive membranes) with or without reinforcement
- mounting tapes
- high-temperature tapes
- masking tapes (paper, PET, PVC, polyamide)
- protective tapes
- self-adhesive gaskets (PE, EPDM)
- die-cut elements (die-cut pieces from adhesive tapes)
- self-adhesive silicone feet and spacers
- UV adhesives for glass and metal
- UV adhesives for plastics
- UV lamps

- hook-and-loop fasteners, circles, seals, self-adhesive stickers, hangers
- die-cut and punched technical materials
- occupational safety and health tapes (non-slip, marking, duct tape)
- filtering, vapour-permeable tapes for multiwall polycarbonates
- tapes for joining vapour-barrier foils
- tapes for roof membranes
- tapes for sublimation
- tapes for engraving laminates
- tapes for price strips
- tapes for baseboards
- tapes for mounting mirrors
- tapes for LED installation
- tapes for installing roller blinds

What do we do in our production facility?


We cover materials in adhesive

Coating is a process consisting in covering a given surface with an adhesive film. We can cover materials with different kinds of adhesives, for example acrylic adhesive, rubber cement, versions reinforced with a mesh or without reinforcement. We are not afraid to test new solutions, we combine untypical materials and create new self-adhesive elements.


We laminate products together

Our own production facility helps us create products you will not find anywhere else. One of the methods we use is laminating, that is combining products with one another. For example, for our Client from the furniture industry we prepare a combination of foam tape and transfer tape. The aim of laminating is to combine the properties of different materials in one product.


We produce various die-cut pieces

Die-cutting is a process consisting in punching (cutting) different shapes – die-cut pieces – in adhesive materials. Its main advantage is the fact that we can obtain very complicated shapes which cannot be prepared through cutting with a guillotine. For die-cutting we are using punching dies, that is tools with specially shaped blades with holes in different sizes. We make die-cut pieces using different methods – fast rotary machines, press-type machines (flatbed die-cutting). We can combine die-cutting with laminating and perform many operations in one production process. We can produce any die-cut pieces in the form of rolls (kiss cutting), single elements (through cutting), elements on sheets (combination of kiss cutting and through cutting). In our production facility, we can prepare – among other things – euro slot hangers, hook hangers, seals (stickers), marking circles, circles with a tag for easy tear-off, sheets.