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Cork die-cut pieces

Die-cut pieces made from technical cork will work excellently as a durable, self-adhesive base to be used under panelling, will both protect the floor from heat loss and be excellent at sound-proofing (insulating against noise). Technical cork can be coated or laminated with an acrylic adhesive or hot-melt (rubber cement).

As a Polish manufacturer of cork pads we can make self-adhesive technical cork in the form of rolls, die-cut pieces (cut-out cork elements), and self-adhesive cork sheets. Cork die-cut pieces are especially useful.

We can make self-adhesive circles and squares or cork sheets in the form of individual elements, a sheet with cut-out elements, or according to the wishes of the client, for example cork pads in the form of an industrial roll.

We can make self-adhesive cork pads in different thicknesses – according to your needs.

Cork pads:
- make moving furniture easier,
- protect the floor from damage and scratching,
- do not attract dust and are hypoallergenic

If you are looking for cork pads with a strong adhesive, a self-adhesive cork base to be used under panelling, get in touch with us.. We are a manufacturer of technical cork die-cut pieces.

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