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Double-sided adhesive circles

Double-sided adhesive circles are an economical, quick, and reliable method of mounting a variety of elements such as posters, signboards, leaflets.

A special tag which facilitates tearing the circle off makes production and installation more efficient.

The circles can be made out of different kinds of tape and of rubber cement or acrylic adhesive.

Foil circles ensure an invisible join (they are transparent). Foil circles with rubber cement allow to achieve very good adhesion to different surfaces immediately after application.

Foil circles with acrylic adhesive are great for installing things outside, for example attaching posters to glass. Foam tape circles allow to install products on uneven surfaces, for example a plate on a wall.

The standard diameters of our foil tape circles made with a tag for easier tear-off are ⌀ 9, ⌀ 12, ⌀ 18, ⌀ 22, ⌀ 28, ⌀ 40, and ⌀ 50. The standards diameters of our foam tape circles made with a tag for easier tear-off are ⌀ 18, ⌀ 22. Additionally, we make circles without the tag in the sizes: ⌀ 16, ⌀ 18, ⌀ 20, ⌀ 22, ⌀ 24, ⌀ 28, ⌀ 36, ⌀ 40, ⌀ 45, ⌀ 50, ⌀ 58.

We make other diameters and shapes to order.

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It is a good idea to protect the surfaces with the KlejTo priming agent so that they are clean and ready for the use of an adhesive material. The product is an additional base for the adhesive and aids the adhesion process.
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KlejTo wipes

Before using an adhesive material, the surfaces must always be properly cleaned. The best way to do this will be to use the KLEJTO wipes thanks to which you will prepare the surfaces quickly and conveniently.
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