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Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you need more information, contact us.

Do You make die-cut pieces?
Yes, we make die-cut pieces. We can produce any die-cut pieces in the form of a roll, individual elements, or elements on a sheet. We have very fast rotation machines, guillotines, and hi-tech press-type machines.
Do You ensure continuous supply?
Yes, for our regular clients we ensure continuous supply. We also accept frame orders and send the products according to the delivery schedule.
Are You a manufacturer of adhesive materials?
Yes, we are a manufacturer. In our facility we can:
- die-cut materials in the form of individual elements, elements on sheets, or in rolls
- cover raw materials in adhesive
- laminate components together, creating an entirely new product adapted to the client’s needs
- cut adhesive tapes to any width
- rewind raw materials onto any rolls
- manufacture wipes saturated with different agents (according to the Client’s specifications)
Additionally, we import and package raw materials we are not able to manufacture ourselves.
Do You send Your producets abroad?
Yes, we send our products abroad outside Poland. Our products are in use in the majority of European countries. Some products we ship even to the United States and to Asia.
Can I get a discount?
Yes, there is a possibility of getting a discount. Everything depends on the size of the order and on individual arrangements. To discuss this, please contact our technical-sales consultants LINK.
Do You make products with the client's logo?
Yes, for our contracting parties we make products that feature their logo. We can also make products in a no-name version or under one of our own brands – Klej To, Czysta rączka, Epat.
What are the available payment methods?
We accept only methods of payment that are convenient and safe for the Clients. The most popular payment method is a bank transfer. At the company’s headquarters you can pay for your order via debit card, credit card, or with cash. Paying for your order on delivery is also an option.
What is the minimum size of an order?
For standard products, we do not have a logistic minimum – we execute every order. In case of products manufactured to individual order, due to process reasons a minimum order size may be established.
Is it possible to meet a technical-sales consultant directly?
Yes, it is possible to arrange a meeting at a convenient date.
Will I receive an offer for further resale?
Yes, it is possible to receive a product offer for further resale. We carry out retail and wholesale sale. Please contact the sales department LINK.
What is the length of a roll of tape?
We produce tapes of various roll lengths. We can make tapes in lengths different than the standard one.
Can I pick up my order in person?
You can pick up your order at our headquarters Monday to Friday between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M. Our sales order department will inform you when your products are made and ready to be picked up.
Can You suggest an equivalent to a tape made by a different company?
Yes, once we are given the technical parameters of the product, we will select our equivalent.
Does Your offer include labels?
We do not produce labels. We make die-cut pieces in any shapes from single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes.
Can You make a tape to individual order?
Yes, our machines are adapted to the production, lamination, and punching of different materials. Thanks to that, we can make a tape according to your preferred parameters and technical properties.
Do You service big industrial companies?
Yes, we service big companies and industrial plants. In the case of regular cooperation, we are able to ensure consistent supplies and an unchanging price for our contracting parties.
Can I buy Your products online?
Yes, of course. You will find our online shop on the Taśmy i Kleje website. We also sell our products on Allegro.
Do You carry out retail sale?
We carry out wholesale and retail sale. In retail, we sell our products only through our online shop Taśmy i Kleje website and on Allegro.
Can I receive samples of tapes?
If you are a business client, we will provide you with free samples for testing. If you are a retail client, we encourage you to buy our tapes in short roll lengths in our online store Taśmy i Kleje website and on Allegro.
Where are Your headquarters located?
Our headquarters and production facility are located near Warsaw; our address is:
EPAT Sp. z o. o. ul. Poznańska 45A 05-850 Jawczyce
Do You make self-adhesive materials in non-standard sizes?
We can produce tapes and die-cut pieces in non-standard sizes. Our machines make it possible to prepare and adapt the product to the individual needs of the Client. Thanks to our production facility, we can create entirely new products. As a manufacturer, we can cut tapes to any width every 1 mm, wind any roll length of tape, laminate products together.
Do You offer help in choosing what products to buy?
Our company employs a professional staff of technical-sales consultants who, thanks to their experience, are able to help select the right product even for the most untypical use. Each employee is available, the Client can ask for a direct meeting at their company’s headquarters and choose a product that will meet their expectations.
Can You carry out tests of adhesives materials?
We can carry out tests of the materials at our company or directly at the Client’s.
Does Your offer include parcel tapes?
We do not offer parcel tapes. We specialise in the manufacture of technical adhesive materials.

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