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Wet wipes with Your logo

Would you like the logo of your company to be featured on the wipes? Do you have an idea for wipes saturated with a specialist agent? We make wipes that are saturated with an agent and individually wrapped in sachets with your logo on the packaging. Contact us and ask about the details.
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Wet wipes for degreasing surfaces

Wipes for cleaning and degreasing surfaces. How to prepare a surface before using an adhesive material? The material on which an adhesive material will be used should be properly cleaned of dirt, grease, and dust. A proper removal of pollution improves the effectiveness of using an adhesive material. Individually wrapped wipes saturated with isopropyl alcohol are a tried and tested way to prepare surfaces for the process of using an adhesive material.
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Wet wipes that improve tape adhesion

Wipes saturated with a priming agent. An effective adhesion process includes not only cleaning the surfaces, but also using a priming agent. The priming agent creates a coating which facilitates the bonding of the adhesive. The wipes that improve the adhesion of tapes are individually wrapped in sachets. It increases the convenience of use and prevents the agent from drying out.

Wet wipes with a description in 4 languages

The cleaning and degreasing wipes may also come in a version in 4 languages. Depending on where your products will be sold. The wipes are great for preparing the surface before using an adhesive material. They help remove soiling and improve the effectiveness of using an adhesive material. The wipes are individually wrapped and saturated with isopropyl alcohol.

The process of applying adhesive tape in 3 easy steps.

Clear the surface - use KlejTo wipes

Before using an adhesive material, the surfaces must always be properly cleaned. The best way to do this will be to use the KLEJTO wipes thanks to which you will prepare the surfaces quickly and conveniently.

Prepare the surface - use priming agent

It is a good idea to protect the surfaces with the KlejTo priming agent so that they are clean and ready for the use of an adhesive material. The product is an additional base for the adhesive and aids the adhesion process.

When the surface is ready - use adhesive tape

Only after applying both wipes, apply adhesive tape. This will make the connection more durable and long-lasting.

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