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Felt is a dense technical material obtained by fulling woollen fabrics, animal hair, and synthetic fibres. The raw materials are combined in such a way as to create a fabric with the best properties possible. Depending on the density and the type of impregnation, felts can differ in thickness, stiffness, and hardness.

Properties of felt:

- Good thermal properties (as an insulating material)

- Good acoustic properties (as a soundproofing material)

- Spacer material

- Vibration damping material

- Filter material

-  Excellent liquid absorption capacity

Types of felt and its uses:

Polishing felt

Polishing felt is designed for cleaning and performing precise mechanical polishing work. It is used for removing scratches from metal surfaces and from plastic. Additionally, it works excellently when used for buffing glass and stone materials.

Underlay felt

Underlay felt - it is used in the furniture industry as a protection preventing damage to fabrics. In construction it is used as sound-insulating tape under ground beams. During roofing works it is used for protection against corrosion and moisture that appear on the inside of the roof. A great advantage of felt is the possibility to process it with different shapes in mind, thanks to which it is used in many places. We can prepare it in the form of die-cut pieces, sheets, or rolls.

Gasket felt

Gasket felt - absorbs dust and liquids, has excellent insulating and sound-insulating properties. Because of its thickness and capacity to dampen vibrations it is willingly used in many branches of industry and for construction works.

Sound-insulating felt

Sound-insulating felt - has very good acoustic properties, it is used in construction elements for shock absorption, sound-insulation of cars and machines. It is a must for car-audio enthusiasts for sound-insulation and prevention of acoustic resonance.

Self-adhesive felt

Self-adhesive felt - we can prepare it as a single-side or double-side adhesive material in the form of rolls, die-cut pieces, or sheets – depending on the requirements and the properties we want to obtain. We can coat it with an acrylic adhesive or rubber cement. That is thanks to having our own production facilities.

Felt for applying liquids

Felt for applying liquids – wool felt has a porous structure and built-in capillary channels, which makes it very absorbable. The absorbed liquids are gradually released, thanks to which felt can be used as an effective means for applying liquids.

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